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Joy Faith Ministries International (JFMI) is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization with several ministry arms - Joy Fellowship Church, JFMI College of Ministry, Joy @ First Light Counseling, Joy Faith Productions and Publications, and Joy Faith Academy.  

Hometown Church

Hometown Church (formerly Joy Fellowship Church) is a new regional church in the "city of choice" for God: North Richland Hills! We joyfully open our doors to welcome and invite you to join us as we praise, worship, and honor our God. He has called us together in fellowship, loving one another as we love Him. Join us on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am for our services with Senior Pastors David and Joyce Thilges.

jfmi College of Ministry

JFMI College of Ministry equips believers from all walks of life for the work of the ministry. Students can enroll in the diploma or ordination programs, or just take courses of interest.  Core courses include Old Testament Survey  I and II, New Testament Survey, Godly Communication and Life Languages, Five-fold Ministries and Spiritual Gifts, Christian and Church Ethics, School of Healing, School of Deliverance, Introduction to Spiritual Warfare, and Apostolic Covering. Additional elective courses are also offered. For more information, email the college or call College of Ministry Dean Karen Kottaridis at (817) 424-1212.


Email Joy @ First Light Counseling!
Joy @ First Light Counseling

Joy @ First Light Counseling provides counseling and ministers salvation, physical and spiritual healing/deliverance from oppression, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, by providing insight, revelation and practical application of the power of prayer, and the authority of the name of Jesus Christ.  Email Senior Pastor Joyce Thilges for more information or call to schedule an appointment at (817) 424-1212.

It is our prayer that you will find Joy @ First Light!

JFMI Productions & Publications

JFMI Productions & Publications offers full-service publication of Christian books and e-books, including manuscript editing, graphics design, and printing.  Need help designing and taping Christian marketing videos or training courses? JFMI P&P offers videotaping, design, and editing for individuals and ministries with plans underway to offer music production and recording services for independent artists.

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Joy Faith Academy

Joy Faith Academy offers school-aged educational programs and tutoring through this educational arm of JFMI. Joy Faith Academy currently provides grades 6-12 tutoring in selected subjects by advanced degreed instructors.

Joy Fellowship Online

Joy Fellowship Online (JFO) is the prophetic arm of Joy Faith Ministries International. JFO's purpose is to provide prophetic words from God each week to transform the lives of people in churches, communities, and nations. Led by a team of seasoned prophetic voices, we believe that the prophetic word can ignite faith, release breakthroughs, and activate the destiny of individuals and communities. Through our online platform, we aim to create an environment where the voice of the prophetic is celebrated, nurtured, and shared with authenticity and integrity.

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